Image Poem, Untitled

Think of this: two cats suspended

in a tree, their pink paws

dangling as a garbage truck rumbles by,

lazy, your humdrum heart.


Natural Mirrors

Light refracts off the rooftop

below my window, off

the neighboring building, across

my two computer screens—

all these glinting mirrors:

the squirrel sees its shadow—

three tails


movable heart strings:

leaves on the wind–only then

do I think of you

Two Quotes

“In wildness

is the preservation

of the world.”

—Henry David Thoreau


“If I am not for myself, then who will be for me?

And if I am only for myself, then what am I?

And if now now, when?”

—Rabbi Hillel



I often imagine if I were alone, I would live

closer to everything so I could walk

on foot, like Jorie Graham’s mother

in 1950, carrying her wicker basket

up the hill. I imagine she goes

to the grocery stone at nighttime

for a jug of milk and more chocolate, wind in her hair

like bees to a hive, ice in her teeth.

She will be cold. She will be like me: we will do

what we have to do to survive the day.

Winter Breeze


The benefits of working in an office with a window next door to a shorter building: the way the snow kicks up like dust in the late afternoon.